About us

Focusing on innovation and technology, we are preparing students in under served areas for the future of work. We have seen drastic changes in new jobs and know that it will continue to evolve, therefore we want to provide opportunities for people who may not have access to learn about and gain experience in the areas of coding, robotics, and app development. Serving communities who don’t have access and/or can’t afford to be in these programs helps invest in the future of their work, which in turn creates flourishing in their homes, communities, and our society.

By partnering with other organizations to bring quality, hands-on STEM learning to inner-city Minneapolis youth—especially young women and students from racial minority backgrounds—createMPLS can bridge skills and experience gaps, and help more students succeed in higher education and today’s job market.

Contact info@creatempls.org to see if our programs could be integrated with your work to support your mission.